Boo2 by Oioai Ceramics


Locally handmade vase by Oioai Ceramics.

Carolina Nunes is the name behind Oioai ceramics. Carolina is a former graphic design, and since ever she express herself through Arts (classical dance, tapdance, music, painting, writing, drawing...) Carolina found herself in ceramics. To have the energy of the earth on her hands is what she needed to be happy and fulfilled. Oioai Ceramics seeks not perfection, but exactly the opposite: natural imperfection. Is in the imperfection of the handwork, that lies all the beauty, uniqueness and still simplicity.
Nature is the inspiration mote: Flowers, sea, body, and some warm feelings of living a simple life.

This collection #newboobsontheblock aims to speak to all human about the stereotypes that society claims for everyBODY, as if we all are the same matter. But we are not. So, speaking as a woman, the breast/ boobs is not all the same, even in the same body, they aren't symmetric even... It's urgent to see the differences as a normal thing, in order to accept ourselves as unique human beings. To be different is good. 


Dimension H  8cm  D 17,5 cm

Unique piece

Other variations from Oioai Ceramics


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