Height: 50 cm - Diameter: 16 cm
Growth: 5-90cm. Alocasia are fast growing in the right conditions.

POT TIPS Choose a pot that is 3 or 4 centimeters bigger.

AT HOME Needs to be kept warm, ideally between 18-22°C.

LIGHT Thrives best in bright conditions to partial light shade. Avoid direct sunlight as this will scorch the leaves.

WATER Do not allow the soil to dry out. Little and often is a good approach.

LOVE Alocasia have a dormant period where leaves will fade and die so do not be alarmed when this happens. During this period, the plants will require less water, so simply moisten the soil from time to time.


 *Ceramic pot not included. 

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Eco-responsible MPS rating: A

Every plant comes with a plant care card made by us  💚

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