Height: 40 cm - Diameter:  12 cm

POT TIPS Choose a pot that is 3 or 4 centimeters bigger.

AT HOME Requires humid air.

LIGHT The best place to set up your plant is near a window that lets in plenty of light but without direct sunlight. It fears excess sun and even tolerates partial shade outdoors.

WATER Keep the soil moist and water regularly ; do not leave the plant to soak.

LOVE Repot the plant every year in a slightly larger pot so that it is comfortable. The spring season is ideal for repotting. 
If the yellow tends to become predominant on the leaves, the plant lacks light.
Dieffenbachia is toxic: avoid contact with your pets, especially cats, which are fond of our houseplants.

Eco-responsible MPS rating: A


 *Ceramic pot not included. 

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Every plant comes with a plant care card made by us  💚

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