MPS- ABC Label

What is MPS-ABC?

MPS-A, B and C are environmental qualifications awarded to MPS participants based on a scoring system according to their usage of crop protection agents, fertilisers, energy and waste. The qualification MPS-A stands for most environmentally-friendly cultivation. MPS (Milieu Programma Sierteelt or “Environmental Programme Floriculture”) began in 1995 as an environmental project of the Westland flower auctions, one of the municipalities of the Netherlands, and is now an international organisation active in more than 50 countries. It provides certification and training services with a focus on corporate social responsibility and sustainable production in the international horticulture sector.

The MPS-ABC aims at controlling the quantities of water, energy, fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, phytosanitary treatments, waste management method, etc. Committing to this label also means giving up certain products considered dangerous for humans and the environment.

There are 3 MPS labels: MPS-A, MPS-B, MPS-C The classification is based on a global benchmark and is based on a number of points. Thus, the horticultural productions labeled MPS-A are those which practice the best techniques in terms of preservation and protection of the environment. In 2020, this label is used in 52 countries.

What the MPS label means for JANVIER?


We are sensitive to these approaches to respect the environment. We select our producers with care and we select only those who adhere to the MPS label. All the plants in the shop have an A or A + rating.

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