Your plant is impossible to repot because it is too big, too heavy or climbing. Surfacing is the perfect technique to provide it with the necessary nutrients and remove the accumulation of mineral salts, which is toxic in the long term.

This technique consists of removing the top 3/5 centimetres of topsoil and replacing it with fresh potting soil.

The surface is resurfaced when dirty beige deposits (mineral salts) are observed on the potting soil, when it appears "denatured" or when a sort of white crust has formed on the pot wall and on the plant stem.

The growing period between March and September is resurfaced.



To resurface you will need :

A small shovel

A claw/fork

your fingers :)

A bag to protect the soil and to deposit the earth

A bag of potting soil for green plants


step 1: Protecting the soil

Step 2: scratch the surface with your claw, fork or fingers, the root ball for 5 cm, taking care not to damage the plant or its roots.

Step 3: add fresh potting soil in the same quantity and always leaving a few centimetres with the edge.

Step 4: water generously but gently, no need to add fertiliser.

TIPS: xxx☝