Height: 25 cm - Diameter: 28 cm
Growth: Slow growing.

POT TIPS Choose a pot that is 3 or 4 centimeters bigger.

AT HOME  Easy care, this cacti do not require specials conditions to develop. Minimum temperature of 7 ° C

LIGHT Appreciates strong light during the growing season. Move plants outdoors if possible, but acclimate to direct sunlight slowly to prevent scorching. In the winter, southern exposure is perfect.

WATER Allow the soil mix to become nearly dry between waterings, but then water thoroughly. Immaculate drainage is essential, so never let the pots sit in water. Suspend watering in the winter, but mist occasionally.

LOVE  Stenocereus produce blooms of flowers as long as the temperatures during the day hit 21°C.

Eco-responsible MPS rating: A

Every plant comes with a plant care card made by us  💚

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