Vulcano jar 001 by Filipa Marte


Locally handmade jar by ceramicist Filipa Marte.

Filipa Marte is an artist with initial training in photography and video. She lives and works in Portugal. 
Word, sound, and rhythm continue to be part of his sculpture and ceramic works.

From the Latin Labes, it means fall, slope or penetrating. Lava is the name given to the melting geological material with a temperature in general between 600º C and 1250º C when expelled by the volcano. Based on the concept of image-lava, this collection consists of a various series of container-vase pieces. Through the coil technique among others, the construction is done layer by layer as it happens in the natural process after an eruption, the lava is expelled by the volcano and forms several layers on the Earth's surface.


Dimension H 13cm D 2cm

Unique piece

*These pots have no drainage hole, we recommend adding clay balls to allow your plants to drain freely. 


Other variations from Filipa Marte


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